Monday, May 09, 2005

Missing WMDs?

During the course of researching this post, I ran across something else that was sorta, kinda, maybe, similar. Well, at least they both involved amphibians! Following up here:
Local environmental workers in Hamburg have described it as a scene out of a horror or science fiction movie, with the bloated frogs agonizing and twitching for several minutes, inflating like balloons before they suddenly burst.

Frank Mutschmann, a Berlin veterinarian, investigated. Authorities remain baffled.

(photo credit: Florian Quand / AP)

Is this somehow related to the US Navy's use of dolphins in warfare? How about bomb-sniffing rats? Is SOMEONE out there trying to create a biological pop-up (bounding) mine? Will they be called Improvised Toad Explosive Devices (ITEDs)? Will PETA become involved in the program? How many would it take before they were classified as WMDs?

Update: As I posted this, a final (I hope) thought hit me. Since we are speaking Amphibians here, if a war-fighting toad was developed, would it's use be restricted to the USMC? Food for thought!

Up-Update: I must be a really sick person, as this just keeps drawing me back! OK, here's the scoop.

Tactical Ordnance, Anti-personnel, Dummy...

aka T.O.A.D.

OK, I'll shut up now!
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