Sunday, May 01, 2005

Getting in the mood for sex...

All I can say is...


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This has fascinated me... How could anyone make a drink from a blended frog?

No, let me re-phrase that question... How could anyone DRINK a drink made from a blended frog?

So I do some research, and now know more about amphibious life in the Andes Mountains than I really needed to know. All in all, I found exactly ONE source, the Peruvian strange travelogue. Availing myself of Google's translate service, it became readable, kind of.

The store first, there is a tank and the frog which the among those size of various patterns lives has wriggled. With the counter the girl it is young had ordered the juice. I the bowl ゃ of the store am order the frog juice timidly fully. Distantly the bowl which it does ゃ it is removing one frog from the tank, hitting with the stick, it started peeling the skin. (Seeing as expected with カワイソウ, and others there is no れ) the frog which tears off the skin is inserted by the pot of the soup which was heated and the グツグツ starts boiling and the white bubble floats from the pot, in the mixer at that time the soup like the milk was being inserted from another pot. When it does a little, you inserted the frog of the pot which was boiled in the mixer, started pouring the liquid and the powder of various colors suitably. Doing the cover of the mixer lastly, 30 seconds those which it turns 濾 with the basket, it is possible and it is rising. Already, the form of the frog it is not everywhere, in some ま when it has pouring that juice which has become pink color to the glass of the plastic, receives it is a little warm, putting out courage, you try drinking little by little, taste of the just a little alcohol does, but the strange taste which does not have the fact that also sweet taste it is, tasted until now has crossed in the mouth. Half drinking, when it advances to the friend, " you cannot drink, " you say, (making to person drink, saying what whether) thinking.

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Here is the critter mentioned in the original Reuters story, I believe:

I'm still left with my original reaction:

So now I'm left with the question: What if they get one of these instead?