Friday, June 17, 2005

Ollie North, And The Tards

Ollie North, writing at RedStateUSA.com, has established that the Mainstream Media, the MSM, the purveyors of more misinformation than you ever want to hear, are following well established traditions.

The right of the American media to publish classified military information -- such as that in Time magazine's "exclusive" account from Guantanamo -- is well established. During World War II, the Chicago Tribune divulged that the Battle of Midway had been won thanks to the code-breakers at Station Hypo in Hawaii. Though Americans fighting for their lives in the Pacific theater died because the Japanese immediately changed their JN-25 naval code, no one was ever prosecuted for revealing the secret.

Nor will anyone at Time magazine be arrested for publishing classified data on U.S. military interrogation techniques at Guantanamo. But there should be no doubt that the material detailed in the periodical is now being incorporated in the next editions of training manuals used to indoctrinate members of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, et al. That begs a broader question about the whole controversy surrounding the Guantanamo detention facility: Does our so-called mainstream media have a "death wish"?

Go read his article. He makes some good points. I'm not going to detract from his points by repeating them here. I just wanted to add this little tidbit.

Above I used the phrase 'well established traditions'. This type of publication does indeed have a tradition, by now, of skewed reporting. Interestingly, today I ran across a comment to a post wherein the commenter mispelled tradition as 'tardition'. At the instant I read that, it hit me... these media organizations are tards!

If you have spent much time on the net, then surely you have run across the word 'tard' prior to this. Originally typed as 'tard, it was short for retard, but has now come to mean a stupid person, a clueless person, an annoying person... just about anything you want it to mean, as long as it is said in a derogatory manner. Many times a modifier will be stuck on the front end, a common result being f**ktard, a REALLY stupid AND annoying person. Or organization.

Time Magazine, New York Times... publishing classified materials: Tards!
Newsweek publishing Koran story: Tards!
Rep Dennis Kucunich demanding we 'Bring the troops home': Tard!
Sen. Dickie Dustbin comparing U.S. Military to Nazis, etc.: Tard!
Those lefty people who do not listen to logic and reason: Tards!
(They already have a name for those on the right that behave the same way: Right Wing Nuts)

Yeah, I know it sounds like name-calling, but I prefer to think of it as a description instead. I could go on and on and on... but it's bedtime for me. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Again, go read Col. North's article. And thanks to Free Republic for the initial link.

(FYI only: tardition, misspelling of tradition, commenter Tiredofl Iberals in this post:
You are, in part, correct that the appeal to tradition (or "prejudice" as Burke would call it) was an important part of the reason why many on the libertarian right, including folks like Glenn Reynolds believed that Congress overstepped its bounds.

That said, conservatism is also part and parcel of a moral tardition that dictates that the preservation of individual life should be given priortiy whenever possible. In this case, the religious conservatives argued that it should not be man's (Micahel Sciavo's, the court's, whoever's) decision to determine whether Terri's life had suffiecient value to require its preservation. Instead, they argued that life, in and of itself, is precious and should be preserved.

This part means nothing, unless you wanted to know where I got it, so disregard subject.)

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