Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Russian Sex

I was following random links tonight (if you have read me before, you know I like to do that - lots of interesting stuff out there you'd never think to look for), beginning with this item from Baldilocks. OK, that's not really about sex... yet! It may be in the future, as I posted here. And may become virtual as I posted here. But it still doesn't qualify, as it's not Russian.

Anyway, moving right along, from Baldilocks I went to Electric Venom. Interesting blog, and I hope she gets her teeth! The link to Butt Art was also interesting. I was checking out...

What? When am I going to get to Russian Sex? OK, OK, here we go.

Item from Electric Venom:
2. News flash: sex makes you feel good. Duh

Uhhh, yeah. Duh.

So I followed the link (Who wouldn't?) And I find an article from Pravda.

Sex makes people healthy, cheerful, strong, beautiful and sleepy
Sounds good so far. It continues:

It is much easier for a woman to learn how to love herself, if she has a man, who desires and worships her

It is generally believed that human beings have sex either for pleasure or reproduction. However, the number of people driven with these motivations has been reducing steadily during the recent years. The majority of humans use sex as the most pleasant and available remedy for a whole bouquet of problems.

It is an open secret that a person gets into a cheerful mood during an act of love. In addition to purely psychological satisfaction, the human body produces endorphin - the hormone in charge of elevated spirits and positive perception of the environment. Researchers say that such inspiration comes from the activity of certain brain centers, which change the hormonal status of the body. Good quality sex produces a spiritually elevating effect on the chemical level, which does not require any additional efforts.sexbed.jpg

Prior to the culminating moment of an act of love, orgasm, the brain emits a dose of oxytocin - the hormone of the posterior lobe of pituitary. Oxytocin results in the production of sedative endorphins - natural analogues of morphine. Sex spurs the production of estrogen with women - the substance, which eases premenstrual pains. Therefore, sex is the best painkiller.


(photo credit: Pravda article)

Fine! There's your Russian Sex. What? You want more? (sigh) OK.

At the bottom of that article are some links to more. One examines the effects of tight pants and belts on reproductive functions. Excerpt:

The USA celebrated a rather original holiday titled No Pants Day a month ago, in the beginning of May. The holiday is not only a day of fun, it gives a good reason to lead a healthy lifestyle, when people bid farewell to a very bad habit of theirs (at least for one day) - wearing pants.
WHAT? Why didn't anyone tell me? I missed a whole day that I could have run around sans pants!

This next one was more interesting to me, titled Men physically unable to repulse potential lovers, psychologists say

Russian well-known psychologist Igor Kon came to rather curious conclusions in his research. A 20-year-old man depends on a woman. On the other hand, young women of the same age already try to exercise their rights: women think that they can judge, choose and estimate men. Young men are usually infantile: they always want to hear good words and appraisals from their parents and girlfriends. This desire lasts for about ten years. It will therefore be very easy for a young wife to manipulate and guide her young husband.
However, the situation changes for the opposite, when a man reaches the mysterious age of 33 years. When a man gains life experience, he realizes that he does not need his wife's appraisal; a man becomes tired of his wife's dominating position in the house. As a rule, a man realizes his own importance in the family in his thirties. On the other hand, a woman is already used to being the first in everything: she definitely starts acting adequately in an attempt to preserve her family leadership. It is easy to imagine, what happens in a once friendly and happy family afterwards. The vast majority of divorces is registered with 30 or 40-year-old people

As a point of marital harmony (mine!) I will have no comment on this last one.

All in all, a good evening of link-hopping.

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