Friday, August 19, 2005


We see it on the War

We see it on the Economy

We see it in Politics

We see it on History

The Mainstream Media constantly hammer their agenda, day in, day out, six days a week and a BIG one on Sunday, 24 hours a day on the little screen, with special slots reserved during prime time to feed the same over local stations, weekly in print with special editions overseas for more over-the-top tripe, overwhelming the senses and sensibilities of the American people.

Then they ask: What do you believe?

By golly, the American people believe that:

The economy is tanking!

We are losing the War!

Bush lied! People died!

Are the American people stupid? NO! They are simply working with the erroneous information given them... by the Mainstream Media.
Lying Bastards!

No links, no cites, I'm just too pissed! Krugman will do that to me.

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