Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blogosphere's Most Wanted

UPDATE: (10/20/05 12:15 AM CDT) From last week's North County Times:
Sister of murder suspect pleads guilty

By: JOHN HALL - Staff Writer

FRENCH VALLEY ---- The sister of a man wanted in connection with the slaying of a soldier home in Murrieta on leave from Iraq pleaded guilty Tuesday to being an accessory to the murder.

Patricia Pena Urrea's trial was set to begin Tuesday morning when she instead decided to plead guilty to Judge Judith C. Clark at Southwest Justice Center.

She is the second family member of fugitive Fabian Cayetano Urrea, 19, of Mead Valley to plead guilty to helping him escape after the June slaying. He has not been found, but a warrant alleging murder has been issued for his arrest.

Patricia Urrea, 24, of Hemet, faced up to three years in state prison if she had gone to trial and been convicted by a jury.

During Tuesday's proceedings, Clark said the most Urrea would receive when she returns to be sentenced Nov. 8 would be 16 months. She could receive as little as just probation.

Urrea will be interviewed by a Riverside County probation officer prior to her sentencing next month and Clark will review that report before rendering a sentence.

Prosecutors and Murrieta police say that Urrea helped her brother escape capture after the June 9 shooting in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Jackson Avenue.

The 19-year-old Mead Valley man is accused of shooting 24-year-old California Army National Guard Spc. Jorge Estrada three times in the upper body, killing him.

Estrada was home on emergency leave from active duty in Iraq to be with his 20-year-old wife, Diana, when she gave birth just three days before the slaying. Fabian Cayetano Urrea is the biological father of the newborn girl. Authorities say there was an argument over visitation of the child that led to the fatal shooting.

Fabian Urrea then fled in a pickup and has never been found by police. Authorities suspect he may be somewhere in Mexico and say at least two relatives helped him get there.

Fabian Urrea's aunt, Margaret Arambula, 42, of Homeland, pleaded guilty in August to being an accessory to murder and was sentenced last month.

Arambula was sentenced to 270 days in county jail and three years' formal probation. With time she has already served, she had 62 days of her sentence left, which she can serve on weekends.

Arambula admitted knowing about the shooting and driving her nephew to the U.S.-Mexico border, but told a probation officer she didn't know Estrada was dead until her drive back home.

At a court hearing in July for Patricia Urrea, Murrieta police detectives testified about phone calls between cell phones belonging to Fabian Urrea and his sister after the killing, conversations among family members about where Fabian Urrea would go, and Patricia Urrea's purchase of underwear for the accused killer before their aunt drove him to Mexico.

One detective testified about a June 14 jail telephone conversation between Patricia Urrea and her mother after Patricia was arrested and booked.

In it, he said, Alicia Urrea told her daughter, "I have to tell you something about Fabian." Patricia Urrea then asked three times, "Is he in the same place?" the detective testified. Following that were inaudible whispers, he said.

Contact staff writer John Hall at (951) 676-4315, Ext. 2628, or jhall@californian.com.

I have a few things to say to this.

1. Fabian, we're gonna get you, sooner or later!

2. As to the aunt... 270 days sentence for accessory to murder? Somethings wrong with that picture!

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UPDATE: (7/28/05 9:35 PM CDT) The North County Times reports that a judge has reduced the bail for Patricia Pena Urrea. She has been in jail since her arrest on June 13, charged with accessory to murder for her part in helping Fabian Urrea, her brother, elude police. Fabian is believed to have escaped to Mexico. See my two previous updates for my thoughts on the Mexico bit.

With family and children here in the States, sooner or later he's gonna come sneaking back across the border. I wonder what are the chances that he will be captured then. Probably slim, unfortunately.

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UPDATE: (7/22/05 11:35 PM CDT) Hmmm, another hit from Mexico, this one from Guadalajara, which is as far as I can figure several hundred kilometers Southeast of Culiacan. Again, I may be overly sensitive to this, but I can see no reason for anyone in Mexico to be doing searches for fabian cayetano or, in this case, fabian cayetano urrea, unless they are family, friends, or Fabian himself. I wonder how common this name is?

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UPDATE: (7/20/05 5:45 PM CDT) I don't know if I'm reading too much into this, or not, but...

Today I was looking at my blog stats, and noticed that I had had a visitor... from Mexico. The hostname was customer-cln-44-158.megared.net.mx, location Culiacan, MX. The only Culiacan that I know about is this one (sub-map C1), in Sinaloa State. The referring URL was a Google search for fabian cayetano. Now, this not being a border town, I immediately wondered just why anyone from so far South would be googling this guy, or even if it WAS this guy being googled. Very curious.

My suspicions are that this place is now harboring a fugitive suspected of murder, who is now checking to see how much heat is being applied to the case.

Also, when the visitor left, they went directly to Major K's blog.

(end update)
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(original posting)

My blog is still new, and has few visitors. Regardless, I am posting a picture here of Fabian Cayetano Urrea, wanted in connection with the murder of Spc. Jorge Estrada, on the off chance that one of those few will know his whereabouts.

Murrieta police are asking anyone with information about Fabian Urrea's whereabouts to call investigators at (951) 461-6358 or (951) 696-3615.

The Inland Southern California (free registration required) has the story. Some info also available at the North County Times.

Major K has a personal interest in this, as should we all. Let's put him up on the Blogosphere's Most Wanted and see what happens.

Update: (06/21/05 1:55 PM CDT) The hunt still goes on. More info and background here and here.

"He might be gone," [Steve] Bogan said. "He will not be forgotten."

Update: (06/25/05 10:26 PM CDT) thunder6 has a post about the unit memorial service for Spc. Jorge Estrada:

"SPC Estrada".

After a long moment the First Sergeant cried out again "SPC Estrada".

Again the call went unheeded.

The First Sergeant put forward one last call "SPC Jorge Estrada"

As the First Sergeant’s words faded out of existence our silent reverie was shattered by the angry crack of rifle fire. The firing party discharged three volleys, and as the last shots echoed off the barren walls the mournful cry of a lone bugle cut through the dying light. Every soldier in the Nightstalker Battalion stood and held one last, long salute as the baleful notes of "Taps" echoed off our troubled hearts.

Read the whole thing.

(Note: photo posted on my own dime.)

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