Monday, May 23, 2005

Drone, Drone, Drone...

I am currently listening/watching to streaming video of the Chelan County, Washington court hearing concerning the Washington gubernatorial election results. The lawyers are droning on and on, and my eyes are drooping. I am getting sleepy. I am...

Actually, it is quite interesting, although I am personally not hopeful for a valid proper outcome.

Stefan Sharkansky at Sound Politics is posting on it. His latest post:

Democrats comical defense

I'm listening to Democrat lawyer Kevin Hamilton make some hilarious arguments. If this is their case, they should give up now and spare themselves the expense and embarrassment. Among the howlers:

1) because the Republicans can't prove which (living) person cast the ballots that were cast in the names of dead people, those ballots should not be presented as illegal votes

2) the clearly falsified Mail Ballot Report was not actually falsified, even though its authors already admitted that it was falsified.

Were I there in person, I would soon be removed from the courtroom, as I have an irresistable impulse to snort and giggle when someone makes statements like this.

There are also some Free Republic threads going on this hearing.

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