Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Chinese Are Coming, The Chinese Are Coming...

Are we destined for defeat at the hands of China, simply because of a choice made by our Founding Fathers?

According to this article, Red is the colour if winning is your game by Mairi Macleod, at New Scientist News, this may be the case.

Such effects could be due to instinctive behaviour, says Barton. In animal displays red in particular seems to vary with dominance and testosterone levels. Human competitors might experience a testosterone surge while wearing the colour, he says, or feel submissive when facing a scarlet opponent.

I had always thought that 'seeing red' was a reference to all consuming rage, not fear.

I guess extrapolation doesn't work here, or the US flag would contain the Cross of St. Andrew and St. George due to the Redcoats.

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