Friday, May 06, 2005

Environmental Disconnect

Although this excerpt doesn’t say much about the subject of the post, I had a really good laugh from it:
How do these creatures (not the animals) do and say the things they do with absolutely no recognition of their hypocrisy and therefore shame? The most primitive manifestations of this condition can be seen daily on Jerry Springer with some toothless, 400lb freak adorned in spandex bouncing on stage chanting, “I look good!” No. You don’t. And if you had any shame you would not be flopping your rolls all over national TV.

This from Matthew Heidt over at Froggy Ruminations, in a nice post about the positional discrepancies of Environmentalists (with a capital ‘E’.

Read the whole thing, I have nothing to add, and will spend the night trying to eradicate that picture from my mind!