Monday, May 02, 2005

How long before something breaks?

This Business Week Online report seems to tie in closely with the efforts of the Pajamas Media
The Newspaper Association of America, a Vienna, Va.-based industry group, reported that average daily paid circulation declined 1.9 percent in the most recent reporting period for the 814 newspapers reporting comparable data to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Average Sunday circulation for the 643 newspapers reporting those figures fell 2.5 percent.

Probably too soon to call it 'circling the drain', but the pace seems to be accelerating rapidly.

There are several good posts concerning the 'why' of this decline, at PressThink , Jenny D. (hat tip to Jeff Jarvis for those links)
Also, items like this and this don't help.

Personally, I have not subscribed to a newspaper in years, getting my news from network and cable TV. Fox was a real boon. Then about a year and a half ago I discovered BLOGS! What an eye opener that was.

On a side note... although I don't subscribe to a newspaper, my wife brings home a copy of the Nashville Tennesean from her work several times a week, and I DO read it.

Since this blog is so new and unknown, it may be a little premature on my part, but I DID send in an application to join Pajamas Media today. (join@pajamasmedia.com)