Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Evacuate Washington! Good Planning!

Fox News has reported that the White House and Capitol were evacuated (all clear now):
WASHINGTON — The White House (search) and the U.S. Capitol Building (search) were suddenly evacuated around noon Wednesday.

Lawmakers, staff members, tourists were told to run away from the buildings.

This due to a small plane violating restricted airspace, but...


What the hell kind of evacuation plan is that? OK, people, listen up! At the count of three, EVERYBODY PANIC!

With the amount of money spent on Homeland Security, with the extreme significance of our center of Government as a target, with the fact that every school and public building has an evacuation plan posted and in many cases (schools) practiced, why don't we have an evacuation plan? Or, if we do, why is it not practiced? I'm dumbfounded!

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