Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Surfing Nirvana

Look past the obvious! Dig deep! So, blogspot is (was, people, so don't get upset) down for maintenance, and I do the proper thing... I'm over at Instapundit checking out what he's linked.

Hmmm, here's an interesting one: 25 Pieces of Advice for Bloggers. It was a good read, and the advice seemed good, and timely for me, since I'm so new. Thanks, Glenn!

But that's not the point of this post.

As is my wont, when I follow a link to another site, after reading the offering I will usually pop over to the main page of that site. Then I see what else is being offered. After reading the above mentioned 25 Pieces at the Right Wing News, I keep scrolling and reading. Near the bottom of the page I find Advertisement: The Nose On Your Face, billed as:
Are you looking for great conservative satire? So are we. Until you find it, come check out The Nose On Your Face.

We bring you in-depth, comprehensive fake news every single day. Except Saturday. And Sunday.

Some of the hard hitting stories we have tackled include:

Bush To Spotted Owls: "Bring It On!"
Hezbollah Wins The 'Johnny'
Bauer, Bush Come Under Fire From HRW
Bush's Top 9 Ted Kennedy Nicknames

Hope to see you there.

Buckley F. Williams, Senior Editor

The Nose On Your Face is subtitled: News so fake you'll swear it came from the mainstream media. With credentials like that, how could I go wrong. I didn't.

New Line Of Hippie Fragrances Announced
A group of world renowned fragrance makers has recently announced a joint venture that has as it's sole purpose the creation of an entire line of hippie-themed colognes, perfumes and other toiletries. The consortium is known as Le Ranke and it's members will come from 15 companies including: Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Liz Claiborne.

"Frankly, the public outcry for these types of scents has been enormous," stated a company spokesman. "There is a large segment of the population that wants that chic, stale hippie smell without all the work that goes into it. Ask yourself these questions: Do I have time to protest the Iraq War for weeks on end? Would my spouse support me quitting my job, moving into my parent's basement and smoking marijuana all day? The answer for you is probably 'no', as it would be for most people. So how do you obtain the desired effect? Leave that to Le Ranke."

Some of the fragrances that will be offered include:

* Repulsion
* Essence of Ham Sandwich
* Acqua di Cat Urine
* Bong Water Noir
* Stale Smoke #5
* Eau de Chunky Soup
* Le Ranke Signature
* Taint & Bark Musk

A line of hair care products and bath oils is in the works and is due to be released in time for the Christmas season.

I repeat. Look past the obvious! Dig deep!

If you can read postings here without a least a smile, then your smiler's broken!

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