Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm Going To Be RICH and REVERED!

The Perfect Solution to Allay North Korea's Fears

It has been reported that Kim Jong Il, the Dear Leader of the DPRK, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is fearful of the intentions of the USA, anticipating a military attack upon his defenseless country. (Note: Interesting article on this subject by Christopher T. Hull on Tech Central Station.) Thusly, his insistence on developing, manufacturing and deploying nuclear weapons. He feels that this will serve as a deterrence to any agression on the part of the United States. I'm not going to explore the rationality of this fear. What I am going to do is offer a solution. Once this solution is implemented, I anticipate that I will be showered with riches, fame and glory! YES!

The problem: How to deter a military attack by the United States.

The SOLUTION: Institute a program to introduce into the country as many species as may be obtained of plants and animals currently on the Endangered Species list. Deploy these specimens throughout the country, monitor and cull as necessary to ensure that growing populations do not force removal from the endangered list. Publicize, publicize, publicize! The culling process, if maintained diligently, could even help alleviate the food shortage in the country. But don't publicize that part.

From that point, environmental groups and courts, both international and U.S., would then carry the burden of the defense of the DPRK.

Won't work, you say? Sure it will. Look at this example (Thanks, Freepers, for the link).

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