Monday, May 23, 2005

Postmodernist Bomb Shelter

This comes via another Free Republic link, from the Sacramento, California (where else?) KRAC channel 3 website:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A home in Sacramento's south Natomas neighborhood is surrounded by sheet metal, and neighbors are calling it an eyesore.

The D'Souza family lives in the home on Timberwood Court, and claims the aluminium pieces are necessary to protect them from unknown neighbors who have been bombarding them with radio waves and making them sick.

"(It's) a shield to protect against radiation, because microwave radiation is reflected off of aluminium, so it's a protective measure," resident Sarah D'Souza said.

The D'Souzas said the bombardment began after the first anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and that the radio waves have caused them health problems ranging from headaches to lupus.

MmmmKay! So, what is a person to do if the outer defenses are breached? Why, just as in castles in days or yore, you construct an inner 'keep':

The inside of the house is also covered with foil and the beds are covered with a foil-like material as well," Sacramento Code Enforcement spokesman Josh Pino said.

In an effort to insure that ALL pertinent information is distributed over the Internet, here is a link to personal armor, just in case the keep also succumbs to a persistent enemy.

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