Friday, June 17, 2005

Hmmm... Let 'Em Eat Bugs?

This article just begs for some kind of flippant commentary:

MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Like many people in his town in the southern Mexico highlands, Gerardo Carrillo looks forward to harvest time in August. That's when he can pick greenish caterpillars off the trees and boil them with a little lime.

``They're good,'' says the 53-year-old gardener. ``They taste a little like grasshoppers.'' [...]

At least he didn't say that they taste a little like chicken! The article goes on to discuss several aspects of 'bug eating', ranging from the difficulty of getting the poor farmers to harvest them for sale rather than for personal consumption, their (the bugs) tastiness and nutritional value, and that the additional nutrition available from insect consumption allows farmers to avoid pesticides and bio-engineered crops (Greens should like THAT).

Somehow, as culturally indoctrinated as I am, I don't think this would make it past my 'eeeeeewwwwww' filter. But, to paraphrase what someone once said: 'Let them eat bugs'.

We'll leave this subject with another quote from the article:

Seventeen-year-old student Ariel Elurdoy, waiting for a 65-cent taco at a Mexico City street stand, said he would happily try bug food. He, like many Mexicans, has eaten grasshoppers and would be willing to try the rest of the insect and worm kingdom.

``People should be open to trying these things,'' Elurdoy said. ``They're good.''
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