Monday, June 06, 2005

A New Fox In The Henhouse?

Via a Free Republic link comes an article by Mariano Castillo, staff writer for the San Antonio Express-News, speaking of "Mexican presidential hopeful Jorge Castañeda ", and an offer to assist the U.S. in the illegal immigrant problem. It remains unclear exactly what he was offering, or expected in return, you'll have to read the article and draw your own conclusions. However, he was quoted:
[...] "It makes sense," Castañeda said. "The Mexican economy doesn't grow, the U.S. economy does grow, and well, people leave. It's not rocket science." [...]

And then makes this statement:
[...] He [Castañeda] rapped the Bush administration's lack of urgency in reforming immigration. [...]

OK, we all know that President Bush does not appear to put a really high priority on border control, and President Vicente Fox has absolutely no incentive to slow the flow, and I am curious exactly how Sr. Castañeda expects to perform this miracle. He appears to complain about NAFTA not working as expected, and wants more integration of operations.
With more integration, Americans could have a more direct hand in screening passengers in Mexico before they reach the border.

Hmmm, that is interesting. Does that mean we get to deploy the 101st South of the border for 'screening' purposes?


Update: a few minutes later... Ya know, on second thought... I read somewhere that it was illegal to use the U.S Army for Police services within our borders. If true, then deploying them South of the border would be a logical workaround. Maybe he's on to something here???

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