Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Note to La Shawn

Hmmm. I'm curious about something. La Shawn Barber has apparently been having problems with, I'm assuming, someone who sent an email to her. There has to be a line crossed somewhere, and judging by the actions she is proposing, it must have been a very firm line (again, assumption on my part).

I know how to trace the path of an e-mail, but is it possible to track down the sender’s IP address through the e-mail? Contact me with the technical info.

Update: I figured it out. :) Now I’m going to try to get somebody fired. Stay tuned…

I've only had a few face-to-face conversations with La Shawn, and she certainly didn't seem like the type to get all bent out of shape for nothing. On the other hand, she did seem like she would not hesitate to refer information to authorities as the situation warranted - say physical threats. I'm certainly gonna stay tuned in....

Also, personal aside to La Shawn... You realize, of course, that since you stated publically that you were going to try to get someone fired, that you are now so far out of the mainstream that you will never get that coveted UN Ambassadorship