Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Threshing Floor

Dr. D at the Daily Demarche has initiated a challenge to bloggers from the left and right to pair up and debate ideas. The first pairing has begun. Get over to Dr. D's place and get up to speed, then check out the combatants: Marc Schulman at the American Future and Eric Martin at Total Information Awareness. Up for debate now:

- In what circumstances should the US attempt to spread democracy?

-What means should the US employ in attempting to spread democracy?

-While attempting to spread democracy, what are the constraints that the US should abide by?

I haven't had time to really read these postings closely, but a quick scan indicates that good arguments are presented by both, and for the most part the comments are constructive. The American conversation at present is sadly lacking in good reasoned debate... no, that's not accurate... good reasoned debate is overwhelmed by the amount of trash being written. Separating the grain from the chaff is time consuming, and many people don't care to or want to take the time necessary to extract the goodness. Dr. D has done the threshing, and presented us with the grain. Eat hearty!

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