Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The REAL!!! Thing

[...] So, I'm standing there with my bottle of water when I look out in the hall and there sits an unmolested water fountain with ten pansy-asses drinking Evian around it. And it just struck me. I stared at my bottle like Mickey Rourke at those dog tags in Angel Heart and came to a similar dark and ugly realization about myself; I'm becoming an L.A. pansy-ass. I put the water back and grabbed a Coke. Not that Diet Coke with the twist o' lime either. Coke. Real Coke. My Manhood.

Oh, and if you ever catch me carrying one of those briefcase purses. You know, the briefcase men carry around their necks like a purse -- kill me. You won't get in any trouble. I've already signed the release. Kill me, take the release from my pansy-ass purse, and no jury will convict. [...]

Posted by Dirty Harry at Jackson's Junction. I've yet to slip that far to the PA Side, Coke has always been the REAL thing for me. :)

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