Friday, July 22, 2005

A Kerryesque Suggestion?

From the politico aspiring to become Mexico's next El Presidente, Jorge Castaneda, comes this Kerryesque suggestion (foreign veto, or Global Test) to the problem of illegal immigration from Mexico:

[...] Opponents of illegal immigration are incensed because Castaneda said the United States cannot secure its southern border without Mexico's blessing. And that it will not have Mexico's blessing until America agrees to a series of almost non-negotiable demands. [...]

I've quoted Sr. Castaneda before when posting about illegal immigration:

[...] "It makes sense," CastaƱeda said. "The Mexican economy doesn't grow, the U.S. economy does grow, and well, people leave. It's not rocket science." [...]

Although it would be much easier and more manageable to control the border with the cooperation of the Mexican authorities, it is still doable without. And contrary to Sr. Castanedas assessment, it just may be rocket science: (Apologies for quoting myself!)

I would suggest that El Presidente Fox become more concerned about the flow northward before the United States is forced into action. The other option may be a repeat of history, with U.S. Marines once again at the Halls of Montezuma, and the Regiment of Mounted Rifles (3d ACR) at the gates of Mexico City.

(Thanks to RealClearPolitics for the initial link, U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations transcript here.)

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