Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Multicultural Sex

Sex is apparently the answer, after all. But what is the question?

How do we avoid the pitfalls of a multicultural society, where cultural segregation engendering suspicion, antagonism and conflict are the rule rather than the exception?

There has been much written lately concerning this question. Most of it has examined the British experience, and rightly so. However, it doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to arrive at the same scenario here in the United States. Is it too late to reverse this trend?

Robert Mandel writes at Mandelinople:


Slowly and surely the west is rising but will it be too late to defeat the enemy at the gates while battling the cancer inside?

I have written many times on multiculturalism, about the evil and perniciousness way it is undermining our schools and our society. Let there be no doubt about this, that every cultural vice, from racism, to slavery and genocide, has been practiced by the west with equal vigor as it has been practiced by every other culture. But make no mistake, where we have sinned, we have never been alone.


Historians will one day marvel that it was our own relaince on criticism, rational inquiry, and reflection that caused us to doubt even ourselves. They will wonder how we ever let such a destructive force permeate our thoughts and values. Then they will ask "Did they catch themselves in tme?"
Maybe, or maybe not. In the United States the main problem is ethnic, rather than religious. The vast majority of immigrants here are from Mexico, and Central and South America. The barriers to assimilation are mainly language and ethnic. Worldwide, however, the divisions mainly fall along religious lines. The practice of catering to immigrant cultures is alive and well to our North. Multiculturalism at its finest:
Toronto, ON, Apr. 28 (UPI) -- Muslims in the Canadian province of Ontario can soon turn to settling disputes in their own courts, known as sharia, the Washington post reported.

Muslim promoters of sharia arbitration said no cases have yet been decided but the process is set. Islamic leaders created an Islamic Court of Civil Justice last fall and it has chosen arbitrators who have undergone training in sharia and Canadian civil law.

The relevance of a separate court is discussed by Dymphna at Gates of Vienna in a posting about new courses in Sharia Law being offered at the University of Toronto:


Meanwhile, Ontario is still grappling with their Shar’ia Court. Some naked emperor was assigned to do a study and he came up with the brilliant idea that “why not…as long as you provide safeguards for the women and children…” No, I’m not making that up. Here’s the summation by the Globe:


Mr. Mandel points us to this from Michael Barone:

Multiculturalism preaches that we should allow and encourage immigrants and their children to maintain and celebrate their own culture apart from the national culture. Society should be not a melting pot but, in the phrase of former New York Mayor David Dinkins, "a gorgeous mosaic." That mosaic, of course, looks less gorgeous as people surveyed the work of the British-born-and-raised bombers.


Writers in other tolerant countries have been noticing the blowback from multiculturalism. The Dutch novelist Leon de Winter wrote that as traditional Calvinist discipline frayed and Muslim immigrants rejected Dutch tolerance, "the delicate mechanism of Holland's traditional tolerant society gradually lost its balance."


In America, as in Britain, multiculturalism has become the fashion in large swathes of our society. So the Founding Fathers are presented only as slaveholders, World War II is limited to the internment of Japanese-Americans and the bombing of Hiroshima. Slavery is identified with America, though it has existed in every society and the antislavery movement arose first among English-speaking evangelical Christians.

But most Americans know there is something special about our cultural heritage. While Harvard and Brown are replacing scholars of the founding period with those studying other things, book-buyers are snapping up first-rate histories of the Founders by David McCullough, Joseph Ellis and Ron Chernow.

Mutilculturalist intellectuals do not think our kind of society is worth defending. But millions here and increasing numbers in Britain and other countries know better
Johann Hari writes:
Multiculturalism is not the best way to welcome people to our country

It promotes not a melting pot but a segregated society of sealed off cultures, each sticking to its own
Unless you are an ardent proponent of multiculturalism as described above, you will surely agree that the results have deleterious effects upon society at large. And if you agree to that point, then you must ask: What can be done? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in... written in the words of Mr. Hari (emphasis mine)


It is not too late to unpick the dysfunctional logic of multiculturalism. We can actively promote dialogue, meeting-places and inter-breeding. No more funding of divisive faith schools. No more separate community centres.

Britain has the highest rate of mixed-race partnerships anywhere in the world, largely due to sexual relationships between white and black people in London. This - not multiculturalism - is the British tradition to promote. No more bland "tolerance": let's have rows and laughs and sex. Our future lies in this glorious mixing of races, not in separating them out and hermetically sealing them off in their own outdated "cultures".

Multiculturalism is dead; long live miscegenation.

Many thanks to Michael J. Totten, guest blogging at Instapundit, for the pointer to posting by Johann Hari, which I had missed,

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