Wednesday, August 03, 2005

PC Has Gone To The Dogs

From the Gallatin, Tennessee News Examiner comes this report of the August 1st meeting of the Sumner County, Tennessee Vicious Dog Ad Hoc Committee.
Pet owners who have dogs that behave in a threatening manner may soon be cited into court for a dangerous dog violations.

The Sumner County Commission’s vicious dog committee has recommended expanding the county’s vicious dog law to target dangerous dogs. [...]
This article raised so many questions in my mind that I almost don't know where to begin. Let's start with the proposed expansion - from vicious dog laws to target dangerous dogs. Shouldn't dangerous dogs already be a target of a vicious dog law? It would seem to me that a vicious dog would be a dangerous dog. Am I introducing too much logic into this?

But the part that really gets to me is reference to a dog's threatening manner. Barking? Growling? Are they running up to you because they're glad to see you, or to bite you? Who decides?
In addition, the committee has defined proposed consequences for pet owners whose dogs have been deemed vicious by the county’s animal control department or the courts and or deemed dangerous by the courts.
OK, at least the determination is not left in the hands of just anyone.
... the committee has been productive in its goal to address an animal’s behavior before an attack or a bite. [...]
So now we are concerned about an animals behavior rather than their actions. If your dog behaves in a manner judged not Politically Correct, you will suffer some consequences.

[...] Some of these consequences involve making vicious dogs wear easily recognizable tags; secure confinement of vicious and dangerous dogs and spaying and neutering of vicious dogs. [...]

Brand a big letter 'B' (for Biter) on their foreheads? Hang a sign on their neck that says "I'll bite yer ass"? (I see a niche market here!)

Two examples of recent dog attack incidents were given, both involving the dreaded Pit Bull. Nothing about annoyingly vicious, ankle-biting Chihuahuas. Go figure. Not only are we going PC, but now it's Racial Profiling for Dogs!

All in all, I am not impressed, and don't feel one bit safer. Also note that the full County Commission must vote on this... right now it's still in committee.

Sorry that there are no links other than the newspaper article. I attempted to find the info at the Sumner County website, but was only able to come up with an announcement of the committee meeting.

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