Sunday, August 21, 2005

Warning: Orphans Beware!

In a posting lauding this decision by the Austin, TX, City Council,

AUSTIN - Texas' capital city became the first in the nation Thursday, according to Planned Parenthood, to prohibit a pharmacy from refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control, emergency contraceptives and other medications.

Twisty at Bitch, Ph.D. expresses disdain of the chain:

I know because I was forced to darken the cheap ugly crappy stoop of a Walgreens yesterday, on accounta the hippy-dippy People’s Pharmacy was out of my prescription. I will do so again only if the building is on fire and there are blind orphans inside, and then only if the blind orphans owe me money. The experience was, on every level, crushing.

On second thought, disdain might be too mild. (Note to orphans: Lend money to Twisty, quick! Or stay away from Walgreens. Your life may depend on one or the other.) It seems Twisty dislikes the architecture, stock, employees, dress, and corporate culture of Walgreens. The employees are even rated lower than petty bureaucrats at the DMV.
[...] And the pharmacy clerks--it took no fewer than five of them to bring my drug deal to a conclusion; who knows how many it takes change a light bulb-- are quite the little rays of sunshine, too. Their skin is grey. Their shoulders are hunched. Their expressions are hollow and dull, lacking even the smug spark of pure evil one so often sees flashing in the eyes of petty bureaucrats at the DMV. [...]
For what it's worth, I have no opinion on Walgreens, or any other chain drug store. They're just... there. On the other hand, I do agree with the Austin City Council (and Twisty), that Pharmacists should be required to fill legal prescriptions, regardless of personal opinions.

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