Monday, September 05, 2005

Liberalism Come Home To Roost

If you have not yet read Bill Whittle's Tribes, now is the time to do so. Then get yourself over to David Warren Online and read his take on looters.
[...] In complete ignorance of his intellectual ancestry, this simple clod repeats an idea that has descended from arcane roots in Descartes, to Rousseau, and through Marx, to Frantz Fanon, and through the sociology departments of the universities, to daytime television, and out into popular cliché, till it has finally settled in the sewers of New Orleans. [...]
Shades of Ward Churchill, it's liberalism come home to roost.

Thanks to Attila at the Pillage Idiot for the original link to Vanderleun at American Digest, which led me to the David Warren Online post. It has earned a spot (or condemned him to, as the case may be) on my blogroll.

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