Tuesday, September 06, 2005

There's Nothing Like Success, And Urban Legends

Michelle Malkin has some information concerning the supposed atrocities committed among/by/against Hurricane Katrina evacuees, nipping the bud from some emerging urban legends. As the hysteria dies down, more and more examples will surely emerge.

One reader emailed her with the possibility that Greg Packer may be among those evacuees. Hmmm...

I know some people like this, but none so successful. From the Editor & Publisher:


Has this man been quoted by your newspaper?

He's not just another face in the crowd at concerts, book signings, and sporting events. Somehow, over the course of 10 years, one man has managed to become the media's go-to guy, quoted more than 100 times in various publications, including several prominent newspapers. Greg Packer is the "man on the street."

Go read the whole article.

And here I am, contributing to his notoriety!

(Thanks to Michell Malkin for the link, and image credit to E&P)

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