Friday, October 20, 2006

Vote Early, and Vote.... well, Early

Like Glenn, I also voted early today. I overheard a precinct worker tell another voter that the voting had been relatively heavy, although he made no comparisons to a presidential election. This being a Friday, and before what I expected would be a noon rush, it was at least as crowded as during the August primary on a Saturday morning. Make of that what you will. One striking difference, to me, between the primary and today... during the primary there were a LOT of candidates and/or their reps lining the route to the polling station, today there were none. A Friday-Saturday difference? Hot summer as opposed to a rather cool, damp fall day? I don't know.

Poll workers were friendly and chatty, until you reached the voting machines themselves, where they became earnest, efficient and very business-like. Notices were posted in the waiting areas explaining that the poll workers would not explain the meanings of the proposed state constitutional amendments, so please do not ask.

I will admit that I cast a pair of votes for Democrats. Unlike Glenn, I won't keep you guessing... neither of those votes went to Harold Ford, Jr.

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