Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bear with me, please...

I am in the process of swapping from Windows to a Linux system. I have trained myself on all aspects of posting via that platform, but am way behind the curve on Linux. It should improve with time.

Or not :)

Update on Blogoshpere's Most Wanted

OK, concerning Fabian Cayetano Urrea, long featured in my sidebar....

It appears that he was captured in Sinaloa state, Mexico in January, 2007. That's good!

Extradited to the U.S., appeared in court on June 5, 2007 to plead Not Guilty.

Then, on November 7, 2007, a judge determined that he would, indeed, stand trial.

So far, I have no information about trial dates, or, if already completed, results.

Either way, time to remove his mug shot :)


...and I see that many of my links (A LOT!) are dead. Man, that's gonna take some work!!


I see that Mr. Urrea, featured in my Blogosphere's Most Wanted sidebar for so long, had been captured. I'll research the status, and then remove it... when I get some time.


Been gone a while, so long that I forgot all of my passwords, etc.

Interestingly enough, at least to me, is that I have been getting a fairly constant, if diminishing, rate of hits during the entire hiatus. Initially 20-30 hits per day, gradually falling until now averaging 14-20 hits per day. And my last post was November 9, 2006! Must be people cycling through the 'next blog' option :)

Anyway, I'll have more to say shortly.