Monday, May 30, 2005

NY Times Still Setting Agenda Of Failure

The New York Times editorializes again, in their typical arrogant negative tone, about the recruiting 'problems' within the military. There is so much wrong about this that I am surprised that they even spelled names correctly. The link is here, requires registration to view.

I am only going to address one aspect of this editorial, leaving other, better qualified people to examine the meat. The point I want to address is one that I've touched on many times before, and that is that the mainstream media create the public agenda for this country. In talking about the fall off (is it real?) in recruiting for the military, they state:
Why this is happening is no mystery. Two years of hearing about too few troops on the ground, inadequate armor, extended tours of duty and accelerated rotations back into combat have taken their toll, discouraging potential enlistees and their parents. The citizen-soldiers of the Guard and Reserves have suddenly become full-time warriors. Nor has it helped that when abuse scandals have erupted, the Pentagon has seemed quicker to punish lower-ranking soldiers than top commanders and policy makers. This negative cycle now threatens to feed on itself. Fewer recruits will mean more stress on those now in uniform and more grim reports reaching hometowns across America.

OK, two years of hearing about negative items brought to us by the New York Times, who usually only report these negative items, and they have the gall to lay that out as if it's not their own doing? This negative cycle now threatens to feed on itself? I'm fed up and disgusted with them, and have only one comment:


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