Saturday, May 07, 2005

More on Political Correctness

Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna has this post:
As a public service, I have gathered together the ten basic principles of PC. You might call them the Ten Postulates of PC; or maybe they could be couched in the imperative as the Ten Commandments of Multiculturalism.

1. America is uniquely evil.
2. America is never justified in defending itself.
3. Illiterate people from poor societies are superior to Americans.
4. The Earth would be better off without human beings.
5. Making a profit is always immoral.
6. Differences between individuals or groups are unfair.
7. For Designated Victim Groups, strong feelings excuse all behavior.
8. Policies informed by Judæo-Christian principles are inherently suspect.
9. Conservatives are hypocrites; liberals are sincere.
10. There are no acts of God; there are only acts of Government.

He provides an explanation for each of the ten ‘Postulates’. Read the whole thing, I did.

Each and every one of these ‘Postulates’ deserves, no, BEGS, for a detailed post all by itself. Or a rant, if you will. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or energy for that at the moment.

However, I have been asking myself a question lately that dovetails into this anti-PC theme, and that is “Is all political correctness incorrect?” If you’ll grant me that what we of a conservative bent label the PC crowd is normally one and the same as the one we label liberals, and the anti-PC crowd is US, have we reached a point that we are ready and willing to toss ALL political correctness out the window? Are any of the concepts that we disparagingly label as PC good?