Tuesday, June 07, 2005

OK, Close GITMO, Then...

All the complaining recently about the terrorists detained at Gitmo, and the manner in which they are being treated, and their future disposition, can be solved easily. Acquiesce to the demands to close Gitmo.

So, we have 500 plus terrorist there. What to do with them? Simple. Line 'em up, give each a shovel, and make 'em dig a body-sized hole. In front of this assemblage, and during the digging, stand Abu Farraj al-Libbi. With interpretors and plenty of note-takers. Note-takers will preferably be moonlighting journalists from Newsweek, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Events should be filmed by Amnesty International from close up.

Instruct digging to begin. Ask al-Libbi a question. Record the answer. Ask all 500 plus terrorists about the truthfulness of al-Libbi's answers. If any ONE terrorist says that al-Libbi is lying, shoot another one of the terrorists. Dump body in hole. Ask al-Libbi a question, record the answer, etc. Rinse and repeat until either we have all the information al-Libbi has, or all of the terrorists are dead. During questioning, insert test questions that we know the answer to, that al-Libbi would be likely to lie about, and if the others agree that it is the truth, go ahead and shoot 'em all.

End of problem.

"But... but... but... we CAN'T do that!", you say. Sure we can. Show me where they are covered as prisoners of war in the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (another reference here).

They are illegal combatants, and we can do with them as we choose. If you're squeamish about it, I'll volunteer to pull the trigger. This is war, not a game.

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