Monday, June 06, 2005

War On The Home Front

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In case anyone was wondering, or even if they are not, I'm going to set something straight here. I don't give a rat's ass about the Koran. It is a book that has absolutely no meaning for me. I have never read it, nor do I intend to read it. I place it in the same category as L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics, another book I've not read, and don't intend reading. (I DID enjoy Battlefield Earth, though.)

What DOES have meaning for me is the fact that certain organizations are playing these events for all they can get out of them, forcing us to divert attention and resources to them that can better be used elsewhere... like killing the enemy. How can that misdirected attention be better used? Direct it against those individuals and organizations that insist on bringing it to the public attention in such a manner.

The current administration has decided, and rightly so, that the detainees at Gitmo are not eligible to be included in the Geneva Conventions of whenever... the ones we signed. If a judge rules in any manner that forces diversion of resources to fight that ruling, that judge should be immediately impeached. If the ACLU (or any other organization) files a frivilous suit requiring diversion of resources, etc., then countersuits, both civil and criminal, should be immediately filed against the ACLU, charging the ACLU and the individual attorneys appropriately.

The enemy uses propaganda well. When an organization or individual aids and abetts that disemmination of propaganda, they should be charged... immediately. You know who they are.

This is an effing WAR, not a game!

Who is the enemy? Islamofascists, or radical Islam, is usually considered that. There is some interesting discussion going on over at Gates of Vienna about whether ALL Islam is in reality the enemy, or not. Go read the posts and comments, draw your own conclusions. However, they are not ALL of the enemy. Many in our very midst are acting as an enemy to the United States. Holding views contrary to government policy does NOT make them enemies. Criticizing gevernment policies does NOT make them enemies. Contributing to our external enemies through financial support, personal services, or the disemmination of propaganda favorable to them DOES make them our enemies.

Read the discussion of the latest Koran report from Gitmo by Brig. Gen. Jay Hood, and the enemy actions that it has spawned, at Austin Bay's Blog, The Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill, Michelle Malkin, Captain's Quarters, and BlackFive.

Let me repeat: This is an effing WAR, not a game! This may not be so much a Global War on Terror as a War for Survival. Once that survival is assured, THEN we can address whether or not Gitmo detainees should be treated differently.

Update: (06/06/05 12:02 AM CDT) Excellent, must read column on Tech Central Station by Frederick Turner about the complicity of the New York Times in treasonous activities in this article by Scott Shane, Stephen Grey and Margot Williams.

Update: (06/06/05 4:09 PM CDT) The New York Times is at it again, or still, or are they? From the Word Unheard:

The New York Times has done it again, making non-public government documents public. Or has it[?]

[...]Again, why must the New York Times and other media outlets be so predisposed to write on ‘confidential’ or ‘secret’ or otherwise classified information?

In this instance, is it possible that the report is not really classified ‘confidential’ at all? [...]

[...] If the report is so sensitive as to be classified ‘confidential’ by DHS, why is their spokesman sharing such words with the New York Times rather than bringing charges up against them?

DHS may have leaked the report from the top themselves. If this is the case, it means the report has no business being classified as ‘confidential’ to begin with. This is also an abuse of security. This practice cheapens the classification system and fosters disregard for it.

If the document warrants the ‘confidential’ label, then those who leaked it to the New York Times should be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

From the other end, the New York Times should exercise better judgment and refrain from publishing classified materials. If this blog were to do the same, surely there would be hell to pay. The New York Times has a far broader readership.

Hmmm... read the whole thing.

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