Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Another Demographic Bites The Dust

With the announcement that the Teamsters and SEIU will be leaving the AFL-CIO, the rock-solid union support of the Democrat Party may be busted. I certainly hope so. I'm not suggesting that this indicates a greater support of Republican and conservative candidates than before, but the door is open wider than it has been in... forever? characterizes the Democratic support by unions thusly:
[...] The foot soldiers of many political campaigns are union workers, and for decades they have been the province of the Democratic Party and the envy of Republicans. [...]
Democrats are scrambling to explain this defection.
[...] "Predictions of a political apocalypse for Democrats are premature," Jordan said. "We may see a newly energized or creative and more competitive environment within organized labor, and that's a good thing not just for labor but for Democrats." [...]
And might I add that it's a good thing for Republicans, too?

Others are playing CYA, offering differing reasons for the defection. From the National Legal and Policy Center:
[Ken] Boehm [Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC)] said, “The biggest problem facing organized labor today is not a disagreement over strategy. It is declining membership. Workers do not believe union bosses represent their interests. Corruption remains a huge problem in unions like the Teamsters, Laborers, SEIU and UNITE-HERE. Ironically, it is the most corrupt unions that are among the dissidents. It would be inaccurate to call them reformers.” [...]
Realistically, I would expect that this will result in a higher percentage of unioin votes for Republican candidates than could previously be expected. Not a majority, but like the black vote, and the Hispanic vote, Republicans and conservatives are drawing more and more support from these demographics.

(Thanks to Townhall.com for the original links.)

Update: Oops!

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