Sunday, August 21, 2005

Camp Sheehan Time Warp?

Very interesting description from Catfish the Texican Tattler of a visit to the Crawford 'ditch' hosting the summer's must see, tell-your-grandkids-you-were-there protest event, now minus Cindy.


The first thing you see as you enter Crawford from the north is the Crawford Peace House. It’s a hovel on the side of the road, and it was packed. More on this later. As I crossed into Crawford proper, the first thing I noticed was the number of pro Bush and pro troops signage. From what I could see, the folks in Crawford are barely tolerating the demonstration, but thankful for the money that it is infusing into their little town.


As I walked back to my car, I couldn’t help but notice the sheer professionalism of the protestors. I wonder how many of them do this for a living? As I mentioned earlier, this was not a spontaneous event. This was well organized and well managed. Frankly, those of us on the right could learn quite a bit from them when it comes to organizing demonstrations. I also couldn’t help but wonder if the explanation for the smaller number of pro-Bushie’s is that we actually have jobs and a life with responsibilities while the anti’s flit from one Grateful Dead concert to another?
That little [...] stuck in there represents a lot of good stuff, go read it.

One interesting thing he mentioned was this:
[...] It was almost as if I had been transported back to 1972 and in fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see some of the same folks back then. [...]
This struck home with me. In the early seventies, I was living in Northern California, attending college, wearing my hair and beard long, driving a very old, raggedy pickup or sometimes a Beetle. Many people there at that time conformed to the image that is now known as hippie. I fit right in.

This past July on a long drive from Point A to Point B in Northern California, I made an observation to my wife, son, and son's girlfriend, and pointed out many examples. Today there are still many people there who dress the same, make their living the same way (don't ask, I ain't tellin!), and generally conform to that same hippie image. Guess what? Same people!

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