Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mother-Daughter Deployment

Here is an article about a mother/daughter team deploying to Kuwait, both in the same Oregon National Guard unit.
SALEM, Ore. -- Sgt. 1st Class Brenda Berrios and Sgt. Karissa Smith never leave home without their beauty products, not even when the mother and daughter are bound for Kuwait, as part of their deployment with a Salem-based Oregon National Guard unit.
The unit will spend some time at Ft. Bliss, TX for combat training. Individually, women deployed in support roles are not noteworthy, given the tremendous job that others have done and continue to do. A mother/daughter team is, I suspect, highly unusual. The job they will do is very important, if not as exciting as killing AIF tards.
Once in Kuwait, the company's mission will be tracking soldiers' records, including promotions, insurance forms and emergency notifications.
As with all of our troops, deployed and stateside, I pray for their safety, thank them for their service, and expect excellent job performance. In the case of this pair, and their fellow soldiers in Kuwait, I hope that this is the extent of their security problems.
"It'll be great years from now," Karissa said. "She'll talk to her grandkids and say, 'Your mom and I were deployed.' And we'll brag about who saw the first camel spider."

camel-spider.jpg(Image credit: www.inminds.co.uk)

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