Wednesday, August 24, 2005

On Passing...

Since December of last year (2004) I have attended a total of nine funeral services. None of these have been military, or related in any way to Iraq and Afghanistan. For that I am thankful.

All have been family members, or acquaintenances, ranging in age from 17 to 90-something. All have been within driving distance, the farthest being about four hours away.

I am about to attend my tenth.

My last remaining aunt passed away last night at the age of 80-something. She leaves five living children, numerous grandchildren, and a few great-grandchildren. Please offer prayers for these family members.

Unfortunately, this funeral service will require that I fly, and will consume nearly all of my emergency credit card resources. Although you might consider this a shameless Bleg, today I put up a Paypal Tipjar, located on the right sidebar. If you are so inclined, hits would be appreciated.

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