Monday, August 22, 2005

Dancing with Bush

I find it difficult to follow Indian politics, and so cannot decide if this represents political pragmatism, or something else. (bolds mine)
NEW DELHI: Sonia Gandhi's trip to the US is off. Last week, the Congress party sent its regrets to the Clinton Foundation in New York. The foundation would have been her main host for a conference of world leaders.
The official reason is that the visit from September 10-17 would clash with an AICC session and a Congress chief ministers' conclave. In fact, however, the rescheduling has been necessitated by the concern to avoid giving offence to the Republican establishment in the US with which the Manmohan Singh government has important business to do.
The Congress chief appreciated the view in the government that it would have been odd for her to travel on a Democrat invite and then want to meet the Republican Bush. The Republican tango with India is now well known as Bush has gone the extra mile to sign a path-breaking nuclear agreement with India.
What is obvious, though, is that Indian reporters have a nice command of idiom.

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