Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Great News - Iraq (Updated)

Update: (08/23/05 10:38 PM CDT) I posted previously, and mentioned here, concerning worries about not hearing from Michael Yon. He informs me that he is double checking facts, and expects to post within 12 hours. Can't wait!

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Thank you, Blackfive, for the publication, and pointer to, this very welcome piece of news:

Published: August 23rd, 2005 12:01 AM

Army Lt. Col. Erik Kurilla arrived at Madigan Army Medical Center late Monday for treatment of wounds he suffered Friday in a firefight in Mosul, Iraq.

Officials said Kurilla, commander of the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, was shot in the arm and leg and suffered a broken leg.

He was reported in stable condition.

This is great news.

I am aware the Col. Kurilla is merely another flesh and blood man, subject to all of the same forces that the rest of us are. He is also merely another of the fine personnel of our armed forces. But I have this mental image of him, gained through reading dispatches from Michael Yon. that does not conform to the probable reality. For instance, Michael describes this scene:

We had left the prisoner in the open. Bullets are snapping, and I'm crouched on a knee behind a Stryker. When I look back again, I see Kurilla standing out there, alone, next to the terrorist on the sidewalk. Bullets are kicking up dirt and Kurilla gives us a look: What the hell! You left the prisoner!

Combat 2n1 original.jpgThe reality? A hot, bright, dusty, noisy, chaotic scene, men crouched behind cover looking for and responding to attackers. Illustration provided by Michael's photo:

My mental picture? More like this.

ffcolr29.jpg(image credit: gallery)

OK, OK, that was juvenile. Still...

At least give him a cape!

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