Thursday, August 11, 2005

What Is This About?

Seems there is STILL an ongoing border dispute between Iraq and Kuwait, even with Saddam being almost gone. Strangely, I have seen nothing of this in the news reporting, but ran across a reference to it at Hammorabi. A Google search turned up an article on Adnki, a mention on Peak Oil News, and several references to the historical border dispute (prior to 2000).

So what's going on here? Are the Kuwaitis really moving the border northward? Stealing Iraqi oil? Building either concrete or metal walls (depending on source) to keep out displaced Iraqis? The British contingent has, I believe, control of this part of Iraq, but who monitors the border itself? I assume that with the Coalition control, and constant back and forth military traffic, that border checkpoints are not enforced in the same manner as they would be between 'normal' countries.

The interim Iraqi government is understandably preoccupied with events to the north. Are they counting on the British and U.S. infrastructure to handle the situation? If so, from what I've read, something seems to have dropped through the cracks.

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