Thursday, August 25, 2005

You Want To Have My Child?

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Billionaire television producer John de Mol, behind the pioneer show Big Brother, will test the limits of reality TV with a program in which a woman searches for a potential sperm donor to conceive a child.
This is... unusual? Well, not in today's television world, I guess. I confess that I watched Survivor in the first season, but other than that I have not followed any of the so-called reality shows. It does appear, however, that these producers had found a solid market for them. Are ratings now beginning to drop to the extent that they need a boost? This might do it:

"Afterwards there will be artificial insemination," said the woman who was identified only as "Yessica" and who has bought a house with a room for a child.
On camera, I wonder?

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