Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Making the Case for War

Many of us have long wondered about the seeming reluctance of the Bush administration to effectively defend the rationale behind many of their policies. With respect to Iraq, and Christopher Hitchens, we don't have to wonder.

I have a ready answer to those who accuse me of being an agent and tool of the Bush-Cheney administration (which is the nicest thing that my enemies can find to say). Attempting a little levity, I respond that I could stay at home if the authorities could bother to make their own case, but that I meanwhile am a prisoner of what I actually do know about the permanent hell, and the permanent threat, of the Saddam regime. However, having debated almost all of the spokespeople for the antiwar faction, both the sane and the deranged, I was recently asked a question that I was temporarily unable to answer. "If what you claim is true," the honest citizen at this meeting politely asked me, "how come the White House hasn't told us?"

It's a long read, but a good one. And speaking of debating both sane and deranged members of the other side, he's going to do it again. With one of the deranged ones.

(Thanks to American Barbarian for the link.)

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