Monday, August 22, 2005

Packin' Mud

BELGRADE (Reuters)- Security guards protecting what is left of Serbia's once mighty Bor mining and smelting complex are being overrun by thieves stealing mud that contains traces of gold, silver and platinum, a Belgrade newspaper reported.

Bor police have filed charges against persons unknown for the theft of about 700 kilograms (1550 pounds) of valuable anode mud from the bankrupt, state-owned company in southern Serbia, Danas said in its weekend edition.

The paper quoted security company chief Ljuba Milovanovic as saying thieves stopped at nothing to get at the mud, carrying it off in bags, sacks, bottles, clothing and even in pockets.

The paper said 200 kg of the mud would yield about one kg of gold and six kg of silver, plus other potentially valuable metals. It was probably processed in "private, well-hidden smelting plants."
(bolds mine)

Anode mud, or anode slime as it's sometimes called, is the results of electrolytic processing of metal ores. So here's this stuff laying around, containing .5% gold and 3% silver - seems like it would be fairly valuable. This company is bankrupt? No one guarding the gold? Sheesh! No wonder.

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