Monday, August 22, 2005

he'e holua

The headline screams at you:

Hawaiians Revive Lava Sledding Tradition

Lava sledding? Ancient Xtreme sport? This sounds really wicked, conjuring up images of streaking down long stretches of glowing, flowing lava, trailing streamers of sulphurous fumes and a rooster-tail of hot pumice particles. Where the losers really get smoked.

Oh. Nevermind. Turns out the lava has long since cooled. However, it still sounds like it would qualify as an extreme sport, inherently dangerous:


Wearing just a tank top and shorts and reaching speeds of up to 70 mph on a sled standing only 4 inches above the ground, [Tom "Pohaku"] Stone once ran into a steel post sticking up from the grass during a demonstration on a slope on Maui, tearing an 18-inch gash in his left thigh.


Read the whole thing, then answer this question: Does 'Pohaku' mean 'Dude! You're crazy!'?

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